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CAITLIN POWER — A Toronto-based clothing line that is redefining the way you shop by designing for the future. 100% MADE IN CANADA + MADE TO ORDER — That means every dollar you spend goes directly back into supporting the Canadian economy. When you shop “slow fashion”, you are investing in items that are high-quality, ethically-made, sustainable, and long lasting. 



Sustainable fashion is a design movement that supports environmental and social sustainability. According to the UN, “the fashion industry, including the production of all clothes which people wear, contributes to around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.” 

Approximately 80% of garment workers are women aged 18-35, with millions working long hours for minimal wages, in uncomfortable and dangerous conditions. This type of labour allows for prices so low that fashion is often considered disposable, which is a key characteristic of fast fashion. Fast fashion adds to pollution and generates potential environmental and occupational hazards.

CAITLIN POWER items are designed with a slow fashion philosophy in mind that supports women and the environment.

Slow fashion is a philosophy that advocates for supporting small businesses and investing in high-quality items that are designed to last longer. Items made “slow” are designed to reduce the carbon footprint and hazardous work environments left by the fashion industry and instead instill a feeling of lasting connection to every item purchased.